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Once Upon a Crime


Once Upon a Time, the most famous faces in fairy tales gathered in the Enchanted Forest, hoping to have their wishes granted and their problems magicked away. But, not everyone was there for a potion or a spell. Someone had murder in mind, and one character ends up receiving a Grimm surprise.

But, who’s to blame? Was it the pompous Prince not-so-Charming? Or, maybe his pouting Princess? What about lovebirds Hansel and Little Red? And, what’s the Woodsman doing hanging out with the Big Bad Wolf?

In a kingdom where Once Upon a Time doesn’t always end in Happily Ever After, can you figure out whodunnit and book ‘em before the clock strikes midnight?

Rating: Family Friendly
The MPAA might rate the majority of the show as PG with just a touch of PG-13 humor thrown in for the mature crowd.


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