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We murder people...
but only for pretend.

More specifically, we produce family-friendly, Murder Mystery Theatre that is 100% portable and original. Browse our shows.

Our Theatre is Different:

  • Environmental Theatre: The entire room is the stage!
    You'll be right in the heart of the action as the world of the play unfolds around you.
  • Audience Interaction: After the dinner break, your table takes an active role in solving the mystery by grilling the suspects for clues. As you sort out the clues, some characters might not be so anxious to talk, but they'll never lie.
  • The Thrill of Victory: The sleuths in the audience with the closest attention to detail will reap the reward. Crime might not pay, but good detective work does.

Our History

We started performing our Murder Mysteries in 2005 at Massanutten Resort near Harrisonburg, Virginia, and continue performing them there to this day—52 weeks a year. Since then, the shows have begun touring as entertainment for corporate functions, private parties and fundraising events throughout Virginia.

Every spring, company members write a brand new show which is then cast, rehearsed, and pushed to the front of our repertoire.

Okay, we dont just murder people...

We've been producing Theatre for Young Audiences and early modern plays (Shakespeare and his contemporaries) since 2005. While those shows are temporarily on hiatus, we have not yet cut loose that legacy. Look for those shows here.

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